Tim's custom PAllet Creations


Creations - Racks, Cabinets & Things

Small Wine Rack in red oak finish

Double Garbage/Recycling Cabinet in walnut finish

Spice Rack for inside of pantry door in cherry finish

Single Recycling Bin (and tea centre) in red oak finish

Double Towel Rack in red oak finish

Single Cabinet in dark walnut finish - and under construction

Large Custom Spice Rack for Pantry Door

Succulent Frame Planter

Hybrid Hi-ball/Wine Rack in walnut finish

Large Hybrid Wine & Hi-ball Rack

Hi-Ball Rack in ebony finish

Smaller Two Towel Rack

Spice Rack in cherry finish
Wine Rack in red oak finish

Hybrid Rack for the RV

Tea Rack made to also display your collectable
teacups and saucers - hangs on the wall or sits on the counter

Outdoor Pallet Planters

Coat Rack with Book Shelf (great for kid's room) or storage for hats/mitts etc.
More Creations Coming Soon . . . .

Some of these items are on display at
Chinook Windz Healthy Pet Supplies in Black Diamond