Older Puppies And Adults Looking For Homes

    We rarely have older dogs available for adoption, as our own dogs are our pets and we keep them well after their breeding/showing/competitive careers are over. They spend their retirement & geriatric years playing on our acreage and sleeping on the beds.

    However occasionally we will keep a puppy here and grow it out for a few months until we decide exactly what kind of home the puppy needs and we can find that perfect home.

    Our Puppy Purchase Agreement states that if the owner cannot keep their dog for any reason, at any time in the dog's life, that they agree to return the dog to us so that we can work very hard to find the dog the perfect forever home.  While this rarely happens because we work hard to find the right homes for each of our puppies to begin with, sometimes there are unavoidable events and circumstances that will lead to an owner needing to find a new home for their family pet.

    When we have an available older puppy or adult dog we will post their information here.  This is not a "Clearance Sale" page for bargain Toller shopping.  These are quality Tollers that are looking for that ultimate home - perfect for them.


We have no dogs available for adopton at this time

Torlan Ranch.  
Please contact us via email at:

If you are interested in adoption a Torlan Toller, please email us and request a copy of  our adoption questionnaire.  We ask that you please submit a completed questionnaire, prior to making an appointment to meet with us.  Once we have received your questionnaire, we would be happy to answer any questions about specific dogs or our breeding plans.

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